Bodhi Path is an international organization of Buddhist centers founded and directed by the 14th Shamar Rinpoche (1952-2014).

Bodhi Path centers offer a curriculum of meditation and Buddhist studies especially suited to the needs of this modern time.

The Bodhi Path Valencia is a non-profit and its activities are open to everyone. There is a regular program of meditation and study.

The center has now a stupa, special monument used as a meditation support for its properties that help us to connect with a peaceful state of mind.

Shamar Rinponche himself defined this space as a Bodhi Path that is hosted by a health center, which has accommodation and activities related to body-mind health. For more details visit the Bodhi Salud website.

You can see an interview with Shamar Rinpoche in our channel that took place during the inauguration of Bodhi Path Valencia in September 2011.

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