Plan of the project

1) Genesis.

The idea of having a stupa in memory of Shamar Rinpoche came together with the visit of Jigme Rinpoche to the Bodhi Path Center in Valencia in May 2016. With great joy and honor we are since making efforts to make this project possible.


2) Filling of the stupa.

During his visit to Europe, Lama Sherab came for 40 days to the Bodhi Path Valencia to lead the process of making mantra rolls with many members who voluntarily came on daily basis.

For tree days, Lama Jampa led the rituals of consecration for the mantra rolls and precious objects that go inside the stupa. The 27th of November the filling of the stupa took place in the presence of many friends and devotees coming from all over Europe.


3) Garden works.  

The works to prepare the land, the garden, construct a small roof and preparing a nice pond are to be performed in the first semester of 2017.


4) Inauguration.

The plan is to inaugurate XXXX 2017.

A public event will be organized with different public figures as well as Buddhist masters invited to lead the ceremonies with many friends and devotees coming worldwide.


5) Open to public.

The stupa will remain open to the public so that people can come any time to meditate and find peace.

Moreover, it is located in a retreat center where regular meditations and activities are offered combined with the precious and unique circumstance to host a stupa.

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